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At SAJARO we know that you want an event like no other! We can design invitations that compliment any occasion.
All invitations are custom designed to suit your needs.

• Save-the-Date Invitations (these can be mailed out or even email) • Engagement Invitations(to minimise cost, perhaps send out your 'Save the Date' cards with your Engagement invites• Hens/Buck Show Invitations (these can be mailed out or even email)• Bridal Shower/Kitchen Tea Invitations • Rehearsal Dinner Invitations
• Wedding Invitations• Wedding Stationery • Birthdays • Corporate Events • Baby Shower • Birth Announcements • Cocktail Party • Christmas Party • House Warming • Occasional Stationery

We create unique, personalised wedding stationery and can provide all other accessories that help make your wedding dream come true. Whether your wedding is a small intimate affair or a elaborate occasion, SAJARO can customise your stationery to suit you and your budget.

SAJARO takes the stress out of doing the invitations & accessories yourself, which can add extra pressure to the lead up to your event.

If you have an idea or sample of the kind of invitation you would like, we can work with you to achieve this result, or we can create something totally unique to you. Do you have particular colours in mind? Perhaps a flower that represents you or that you are using in your bouquet or table centerpiece? Perhaps the theme of your day (i.e. Black & White, Vintage, Asian inspired, Beachy, Garden. Anything you would like, can be created. Discuss likes & dislikes with your partner so we don't create concepts that isn't suited.

SAJARO can work with your wedding planner & or event hire company to keep everything consistent for your big event.

This is an exciting time in your life, a wedding is additional proof of love you have with your fiancee and the ability to share it with family and friends. Enjoy this process with your fiancee as this is a journey that you begin with each other. Your wedding day lasts for only 1 day, but you work as a team for the rest of you lives, why not start now by creating stationery that signifies you as a couple!

• Save-the-Date Invitations (these can be mailed out or even email) • Engagement Invitations(to minimise cost, perhaps send out your 'Save the Date' cards with your Engagement invites• Hens/Buck Show Invitations (these can be mailed out or even email)• Bridal Shower/Kitchen Tea Invitations • Rehearsal Dinner Invitations
• Wedding Invitations
• Envelopes (these can be printed with guests name & your address on back or you can write them on yourself) • Additional Cards including RSVP card, Return envelope, Wedding Gift Card, Accommodation/Map cards, etc • Website. If you have a lot of information you wish to share with your guests regarding your wedding ie. they may not know about your bridal party, accommodation and travel, or even your story of how you met and came upon to have such a day, a website is a perfect way to communicate this to your guests.

• Ceremony Program booklets/flyers (usually handed out by the ushers at the entrance to the service)
• Reserved Seating Signs (for parents & grandparents, etc)

• Table Seating Chart (placed at entrance)
• Place & Table Cards (for a formal sit down wedding where guests know where to sit) • Menu Cards (these can be placed at the bar or on individual tables
• Favors (given to each guest or to minimise cost, can be given to 1 per couple)• Wine Bottle Labels (these can be a great idea to have displayed at the bar or on individual tables )• Bridal Party cards, boxes or bags for gifts

• Photo book. This can be a cheaper way to show off your big day instead of a crafted photo album from your photographer. You can also add in photos from your honeymoon• Canvas Prints. Select your favourite picture from your day & print it onto canvas. • Thankyou Cards

It is a lot cheaper having everything ordered at once, it saves on ordering & delivery fees. So it is best to consider the entire day before going ahead with anything. That is, consider the theming/colours, etc before the stationery so everything can be consistent.

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When should I organise to have my invitations made?
From initial consultation to delivery, allow no less than4 months before your wedding (including 1 month for RSVP)
Once artwork approval, you are best to allow 2-4 weeks for the production of your invites. For the Designer Range, please allow 2 weeks. Click here for further information. Of course, allowing several months would be ideal and will leave less room for any unforeseen delays. If you have international guest, it may be an idea for their invites to go out first, or email/mail out a 'Save-the Date' as soon as you know the date, so they can organise their travel arrangements.

How long before the wedding should I send out my invitations?
Send your wedding invitations out at least 6 weeks before your wedding date. This will give your guests enough time to RSVP.

You should factor the postage charges of your invitations before you settle on a style if you are incorporating that into your budget.

DL (220mm x 110mm) : $0.60
C6 (114mm x 162mm) : $0.60
E18 (120mm x 190mm) : $0.60
C5 (162mm x 229mm) : $0.60
11B (90mm x 145mm) : $0.60
100 Square (100mm x 100mm) : $0.60
130 Square (130mm x 130mm) : $0.60
150 Square (150mm x 150mm) : $1.20
160 Square (160mm x 160mm) : $1.20
165 Square (165mm x 165mm) : $1.20

Please Note: The prices have been calculated based on an envelope thickness less than 5mm & weight less than 50g from the Australia Post website.


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