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budget tips

At SAJARO we aim to come as close to your budget as possible when creating your wedding or social stationery.
Things to consider are the quantity, size and design of invitations and accessories.
Here are a few ways to help keep within your budget especially if you are having a small intimate wedding
• Make sure you factor in extra invitations and envelopes. Allow for 5-10 extra when finalising your numbers.
   There may be guests that you forgot about & will save you having to make up extras later, which can be costly.
• Ask your guests to email you their responses instead of RSVP card / postcards
• If you require Accommodation/Transportation/Map cards consider having them printed double sided, saves multiple cards
   & additional printing costs.
• Don't forget to factor in the price of mailing your envelopes.
• If you really want favours for your guests, perhaps keeping them 1 to a couple instead of 1 for everyone
• Instead of Place Cards for each guest, why not have the guests names printed on the Table Number Card?
   Or simply display them on the Table Seating poster

You should factor the postage charges of your invitations before you settle on a style if you are incorporating that into your budget.

DL (220mm x 110mm) : $0.60
C6 (114mm x 162mm) : $0.60
E18 (120mm x 190mm) : $0.60
C5 (162mm x 229mm) : $0.60
11B (90mm x 145mm) : $0.60
100 Square (100mm x 100mm) : $0.60
130 Square (130mm x 130mm) : $0.60
150 Square (150mm x 150mm) : $1.20
160 Square (160mm x 160mm) : $1.20
165 Square (165mm x 165mm) : $1.20

Please Note: The prices have been calculated based on an envelope thickness less than 5mm & weight less than 50g from the Australia Post website.

Newcastle Wedding Invitations
Newcastle Wedding Invitations Newcastle Wedding Invitations